your house/space can be really gorgeous, but if the feeling it gives isn't home, it's nothing. here are some of my personal tips to create the 'home feeling'


paint. even if you suck at it, paint. create something with the colors and patterns to your taste. paintings are really personal, and that's what matters the most in a home. it also creates a cozy vibe.


you don't have to travel a lot to own nice souvenirs. souvenirs excist in any way, if you find a beautiful rock on the streets it can be a souvenir also. give them a good place in your home where they stand out.


they give character to your home, especially if you take your own. no one has the exact same photo's as you have, and that's what makes them so unique.


a basic one, but they belong in the list. plants are known for giving good energy, and living between the plants feels like you bring the sun inside your home.