Hello again! It's strange how I become more passionate about blogging, so right now I'm sitting on my windowsill, drinking green mint tea, listening to calm music and enjoying the evening that is just too perfect at this moment. After my mom will get out of the bathroom she will think that I overworked today and something is wrong, but it isn't, I can guarantee that. It just feels so good to do nothing and relax. That's why I love summer evenings, they make me feel motivated and relaxed. Perfect!
Anyway, one day one of my managers called me asked me if I could start working in their office. I was so damn exited about that! Of course I agreed and from Monday I started working in there. Well, that office is next to an airport so I hear a loads of airplanes arriving and leaving. It isn't that bad how most of you imagine, it kind of makes me feel like I'm in different country. So, it is really great that I became sales manager. One of many advantages (or mostly one of my future dreams) is that I got my own table, own computer and second phone for calls that are work related. So in work I'm with two phones, two computers, huge desk and calming view from the window.

I know that for some of you this post might be boring and etc. but for me it's really important, because I always wished a little drop of luck and now that it happened I'm even afraid to be exited about it.
So yeah, today's post is short and mainly about one theme. Hope to see you soon and good luck!

P.S Also if you want to read all my older posts you can read it HERE : https://www.bloglovin.com/@samanta98 , I deleted it from here, because there was a little problem, but now it's all okay :))