life is short. time is precious. we are the protagonists of our lives. do something out of it.

wake up early

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try it. at first it is hard, but if you turn it into a habit, you will feel so awake, productive and motivated! trust me.


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hello? what is life without music? it is like a healthy drug.

have breakfast

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have breakfast! serious, it’s the best moment of my day. don’t miss it.

do your body a favour

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we are young right now, our body is young, but we will grow and our body will grow with us. at one point it doee not calles growing anymore but rather aging. that is why we have to eat healthy and do sport. foremost for our health, mental and physical.

have everything done for the day

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i like the quote: ask yourself if that what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. because life is about learning, challenges and achieving new goals over and over again.

get some fresh air

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go for a walk, meet some friends, go grocery shopping. it will clear your mind.

meet friends

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eat good food or go in a café. or stay at home, cook something and talk (and gossip).

alone time

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personally i like to be alone some times. you can do some shopping or read a book or work while sitting in a café.


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change the ambiance in room with some fairy lights and some candles. it is not difficult and has such a huge effect.

comfy outfit

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you have to be in comfortable clothes, otherwise it would not be home. get fuzzy socks and chill.


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take a bath, read a good book, watch one of your favourite movies on your own or drink tea and reflect. if everything is done your mind will be clear and if not, then you have to calm yourself down.


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chocolate, biscuits, chocolate or popcorn? eat food that makes you happy and if you just eat a bit everyday and you know that you really deserve it, then it will taste even better! Or what about some delicious juices or a hot cappuccino?

xx inside_outside