/It´s only my opinion so take it easy pls, wear what you want, if you like it. I want to help that girl, who is scared to wear un-trendy clothes. Just don´t be afraid of being different. It´s fucking amazing./

I have a feeling, that especially in my country, when you look different, everyone judges you. Like, haha, she wears retro jeans, wtf gurl it´s 2017 / blue hair? wtf gurl we are not in a fairytale / wtf gurl this boots with platform are so ugly / you don´t know trends.

In my school, almost every girl wears something trendy. Ok, I get it, it´s a trend, so you feel cool while you wear it. But, my mind always stops when I see a group of girls with Adidas Superstar sneakers, a bomber and New Era cap. And they think how original and trendy they are. NO, YOU DON´T. You look like everyone else.
All I want to say is BE ORIGINAL. Buy clothes that no one wears. Get out of box. Go to second-hand. I personaly love second-hands. Don´t dress like instagram stars. Make your own style. Don´t steal it.
Look, fashion is some kind of art, too. It´s way you present yourself. So, you want to be like every other girl? I don´t think so. Throw your fear out of window and put on your mom´s old jeans that you really like. Rock that dad´s old shirt. Buy that awesome boots from second-hand.
Imagine, you and your friend who really likes trends are walking down the street full of people. Your friend is wearing Adidas Superstar sneakers, cap, black ripped jeans and bomber. And you are wearing mom´s old bul gorgeous jeans, dad´s shirt and boots from second-hand. I swear, people will look only at you. Your friend will disappear in this un-original crowd. But you, you will be a star.