hey guys!

so first of all i want to thank all of the people who read or hearted my fashion basics article, i never thought that so many of you would like it. thank you so much! :)

so today i'm back with another fashion article, yaayy! i'm writing about how to find and develop your personal style, as i know it can be difficult. i sometimes also find myself struggling with it, but i came up with a few ways of finding your sense of style.

get inspiration

social media is perfect to get inspired and discover styles that you are into. take your time, scroll through your favorite apps and save the images you really like. i personally love weheartit for outfit inspirations, therefore i created a fashion collection:


this one is kinda obvious, but i will still mention it. the next time you go shopping, really pay attention to what pieces you are drawn to. for example if you find yourself picking out particular colors or styles, this is probably the style your going for (or already having) in your wardrobe.


you don't have to define your style in one or two words. that might be possible for some people, who really only like one specific style of clothes, e.g. boho style. but it is okay to like different styles that create your unique fashion sense.

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you don't have to follow every current fashion trend in order to be stylish or impress others. although it is nice to add some trendy pieces each season, you should only go for the trends that suit you and make you feel comfortable. remember: you dress for yourself, not for others!

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your wardrobe

the next step would be to really take a look at your current wardrobe. make sure your wardrobe contains all the necessary basics for your style. keep the garments in your closet you really like and that make you happy. get rid of the ones you haven't worn for ages or doesn't suit your style. you can do this!


you will feel happier and more confident with the right clothes and people will notice that. to really feel confident in your clothing, you should embrace your best features. find out which colors, styles and cuts suit you best. anything looks good if you wear it with confidence! :)

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so that was everything that i came up with, i hope it helped some of you out there who are trying to find their personal style. if you don't want to miss any of my articles, feel free to follow my collection:

xoxo caro :)