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Sooo this one is about my favorite stories on wattpad. Some of them are in greek and others in english, some are finished and some are not. Let's begin :D

  • Drug h.s. (greek)
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A life of an 18th girl ,who lives with her older brother in London, changes dramatically after a car crush with her boyfriend due to their relationship problems. After that, she goes sad and angry with everybody near even with her closer friends, Harry, Sia, and anyone else who thinks that has the responsibility of her boyfriend's death.

. The craziest thing in life is love (greek)

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She wants to find peace after her son's death, she fights it everyday.
He is a psychology who wants to find a purpose in his life and he is fighitng for it after find his only love.

  • Recovery (sequel to the previous one)
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  • Again (greek)
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.Psychotic (there is a greek and english version)

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They both accused for doing sth they are not responsible and they are trying to find out who is behind of all of this and what the purpose really is. She worked in here. He was the psycho who killed 3 innocent women (or not) ? But sth in her pulled him outside his darkness.

Αγγελική Τιμωρία (greek)

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Details from the writer:

What happens when your life changes to the worst?
What happens when you lose the man you love?
What happens when your name is not valid and young people are flooding your sleep?
Or your life ..?

A love story full of tension and twists.

  • Anonymous || n.h.
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She was depressed but alone. He was famous but he was feeling lonely. So they both found the solution in twitter. Cause "who said twitter couldn't save lives?"

  • Yours (greek) ~ Mine~ is the sequel
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  • Dark (there is a greek and an english version)
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Bo Ellis, she is a normal girl, her life was fine, until the day she met Harry. She believed it was dangerous and he was just another pawn in his game. But something changes when Bo discovers Harry's past.They both begin to develop feelings for each other. Can he protect her from everything? Read the story to learn!

A love story full of tension and twists.

  • Dead and Not Buried
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Leah Preston, a normal 17 year old girl, until she wakes up and finds herself staring at her own lifeless body.
She has no idea what happened to her or how she died, and the only person who can see her is her sworn enemy Jared.
They must put their differences aside in order to find out what really happened to Leah and how she died, or better yet, who killed her, while at the same time fighting each other and the feelings they are beginning to develop.

~All rights from the writers are reserved. The photos are made by me with quotes from writers' stories. ~

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