i wish you lived next door,
so that we can talk about anything from
our windows when we both can't fall asleep
or when either of us need someone to vent to
or just talk about the universe until the sun rises.

i wish you lived next door,
just to see you every day cause you make me feel so happy
you create the spark inside me whenever our eyes meet
and enchant me with your jokes and spontaneous personality
along with your golden heart.

i wish you lived next door,
so that you can come over to my house's garden
and hang out together
drinking our favorite starbucks iced tea
and write poems together
while listening to the songs you wrote
cause poetry & music are our way to escape this world.

i wish you lived next door,
cause i love it when you speak your other language
and proud of your mixed nationality
you're a new kind of adventure i've yet to experienced.

i wish you lived next door,
so that i don't have to miss you all the time
and slap myself with denial
cause right now it's stealing my joy
and your absence makes me feel extremely miserable.

you're 9,000 miles away from me
across the deepest sea
but it's okay.
you said "if you miss someone just close your eyes"
cause some things can only be seen with our eyes closed
and when i close my eyes, i see you
looking at me with joy in your eyes
along with my favorite smile.

and then i smile, too.
cause as long as i can see you
even with my eyes closed,
i will be okay.

— an open letter to a guy i shouldn't write anything about

posted on: September 3, 2017

important note: i saw someone posted an article exactly like mine without giving me credits. this is my original work so please give credits to me if you want to use my article. thank you.