It was the first day. The first day of my last school year. Exciting, right?
Well for me it was rather terrifying to be honest. If it was down to me I would stay in school with my friends and all the others for as long as possible.

Actually I felt exactly the same about my bed. I wanted to stay in it for as long as possible this morning or really, every morning. But today it was worse. After pressing the snooze button more than three times on my phone I sat up and played just one random song to not fall asleep again. There is just something about music that draws me to it. After confronting myself with my morning face in the bathroom and doing my best to look presentable I get dressed (some pair of jeans and a sweater) and put my hair into a bun. I just never saw the sense of dressing up for school, a place where only your inner motivation and determination should count and not your appearance.

I went down stairs just to find my little brother half asleep on the sofa again watching cartoons and my mum preparing our lunches in the kitchen. Usually I would go to the fridge and get myself some cereal with milk. But while opening it I already saw that my lactose free milk was empty and I would have to school without breakfast. I cannot eat or drink lactose for a month so I am not really used to buying my own seperate food. Since it was raining horribly our mum drove us to school which I was so thankful for because I was still way too tired to ride my bike.

Just as I expected, our teacher didn't have time for us in first period so me and my friend Ann decided to go back to our attention room and chill out as long as we can until next lesson. But somehow I lost her while leaving our class room and so I decided that I would just go to the attention room to find her there. On my way there I walked past the music rooms and one of the doors was standing all open. As everything was all quiet I wanted to walk further but suddenly a guitar started playing. I froze and walked towards the door.

In our school our teachers all tend to play the piano so all our guitars sound horrible but this time, oh well, that was different. Maybe there is a new teacher, I thought but as I peaked inside the room, I saw a boy. He turned his back to the door so he didn't realize that I was watching him but I couldn't see his face either. The only thing I could see were curly dark brown hair like hot chocolate,

I thought. I didn't want to scare him so I was about to turn around and walk away but that second he started singing a melody I never heard, but just so amazing I thought I could hear his soul somehow. My first thought was that this must be his own song and that I think that I never heard such a voice at our school at any kind of contest. He must be a new student. Yes, that must be the case, I thought. And just being all deep in my thoughts, I didn't realize that the music stopped and that he stared at me.