Road trips have that special quality of making one feel as if they are trapped in the process of shooting an emotion jerking music video. The awesome thing is, you don’t have the stress of hair, makeup, and a permanent eye-blinding spotlight on you. You are left with a feeling of freedom and the open road (given you are smarter than to go during peak hour traffic…). Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world (if I do say so myself) I have the privilege of driving in any direction and eventually finding myself staring out the window like a newborn puppy taking in the views of either the Atlantic or the Indian Ocean, the mountain ranges and if you get it just right you get the best of both! Cape Town you are a beaut! (shhh don’t tell anyone).

Anyway back to why we are all here. Roadtrips…

There are those certain essentials that all frequent road trippers, I believe, use to make every road trip that little extra comfort and allow you to absorb all that is the open road.

Firstly, if you are anything like me music is your number one (I would go as far as say DAY 1) drug. No, just to clarify the first essential is not your pill popping euphoric drugs! It is MUSIC. Music has the ability to transport you into a place where you store a thousand emotions that you didn’t even know you had as you hang tightly to each word. Say goodbye to those everyday backbreaking, tear-jerking anxieties that you can’t shake. So along with this first essential, I suggest you pack a pair of ear/ headphones and THEE device that holds your ultimate road trip playlist. As much as you may love your family, sometimes their choice in music can be highly questionable, am I right??? When it comes to the iPod I keep on me at all times, I can highly suggest either chilling it out to the vibes of Khalid and Drake mixed with the amazing local technique of Kyle Watson just to give you that little burst of energy we all need. Of course, the list will be different and suited to your own music preference. Whatever you rock out to, make sure to bring it with!

Secondly any device you can take the bombast of pictures with. It might sound completely basic, but living in the ever-growing dynamic digital age we are in, there is nothing better than being able to document those unforgettable, for life moments. Come on! You can't tell me you aren’t looking for a new profile picture, but in all seriousness, being able to look back at all the breathtaking places you were lucky enough to visit, makes that road trip a little extra awesome. It gives your future self, John or Jane, that nostalgic and amped up feeling for the next trip. It can be so easy, in our nonstop hustle bustle, to forget everything that you have done in your life. So a quick snap wouldn’t hurt. One friendly suggestion from one writer to another, never ever forget to just enjoy the moment!

If you are an avid reader and find yourself anxiously sitting on the eleventh hour of a twenty four-hour road trip I would suggest one or two (for those overachievers out there) of your reality stopping, favorite books to get lost in. As fun as a road trip may be, after a few hours we all might find ourselves feeling a bit angst or just brain stimulation seeking (well bored for short). I tend to get carsick so looking at one page as well a the smell of the book makes me feel a bit queasy, but if you don’t suffer from car sickness it is a great way to make the long journey go faster. John Green is definitely one of the best love story authors and I highly suggest it for all those rom-com fans out there.

Snacks! I cannot stress this one enough! I always find myself feeling peckish. You know, the moment you are in the middle of nowhere; this means no stopping to get a quick Wimpy burger or wrap (which is what most road trip diets consists of). Being a person who finds themselves always trying to be “healthy” I find that snacks like nuts, dry/ fresh fruit, popcorn or biltong are the way to go. They are quick, easy to eat and won't mess everywhere the moment the driver decides they are in a high-speed chase, you know like in those Fast and Furious movies.

The next essential would be H2O of course because look I am going to be completely straight with you, dehydration is a thing, especially if you have experienced a popcorn choking fit. Let me just tell you right now, it is not a fun time! This being said try not to over indulge in the H2O (apparently that is a thing), but the truth of the matter is if you weren’t born a male, going on the side of the road may not seem to charm the pants off of you (pardon the pun).

To all those faces glued to their phone right now or most of the 24 hour day a portable phone charger will be your life saver, and I don’t think I have to say this but I will, one that is PRECHARGED (yes you are not the only one who has made the simple mistake before). These little things are awesome to pop in your bag in those dire moments when you are just about to crush the last candy and your phone goes into b*tch mode and dies. Charging your phone before a trip is a must. You never know when fate decides you are due for a tire puncture.

This might sound random but tissues are high on the list of necessities (especially if, like me, you were blessed with sinus problems). This will also come in handy if you are stuck in that awkward situation where someone selfishly decides to leave one block of single ply toilet paper in the stall that you almost fall over your feet and scramble to because you thought your bladder was about to combust.

Comfortable clothes, now I suggest wearing layers as you will unfortunately not have the convenience of a built in car wardrobe unless you are the Kardashians (which would not surprise me if they did). Comfort for me on a road trip is key and probably one of the most important essentials. No one likes the feeling of a self-induced wedgie or swollen feet because you felt like your new suede loafers were tres chic.

Trust me now all these are the simplest things that you may need on a road trip and your genius minds may come up with better things, but they are 100% essential.

Oh, and how can I forget your g to flavored GUM! Yes, gum.

Well you know because, HOT STRANGERS, DUH!

If there is anything I may have left out I would love to hear what your go to road trip essentials are!