"not slytherin" he said
and hate for slytherin, they spread
those in slytherin, upset
being a slytherin, was dread
not another house, regret
green was "bad", not red
and all slytherins wanted bloodshed
no rest until they're all dead

but why this mindset?
can't they think good about us, instead?
we slytherins are misled
by these stereotypes made by some dumbhead
why do they forget
that we too eat the same bread
and the good we do is always unsaid
all bad rumours, simply widespread
that sometimes we are also ahead
and victories we too have led

i'm not against any martha or fred
but we slytherins are not to behead
but to be loved and cared for too, instead
and we don't want to kill you in your bed
so stop being such a crackhead