have ever wondered why there are so many people saying that a band or a song saved their life? i will tell you how music can maybe save a life.
sometimes you feel alone, you feel bad, you hate yourself.. and you feel like have no one who understands the way you feel.the pressure in your head is killing you. you start to listen to the lyrics of the songs you´re listening to and you realize that some of the songs on your playlists have a really deep meaning.. and you hear someone singing the things you´ve been feeling.. you feel understood. the music can distract you from all the negativity inside your head. with this article i´m not saying that it is 100% sure that music is going to save your life but music can make you feel better about yourself.
i was dealing with hating myself but now i´m loving myself because i found something in music that no human being could ever give me and that is understanding. music keeps me alive.
music helps to escape from the reality you live in.

ok friends , i hope this article made you feel understood or something.
love yourself, you´re the only person that stays in your life forever.
,, you will die, but now your life is free´´- twenty one pilots

these two bands saved helped me a lot :
the neighborhood and twentyone pilots
you should listen to them