Well .. Where Can I start?
Can I ask you a few questions ?

Do you love yourself?

It´s simple question. But most of us can´t answer it..
It´s becouse they aren´t sure about it..And maybe you aren´t sure too..

There were times when I was like you, I almost hated myself, becouse I didn´t know true about me.. And now is time to tell the true to YOU

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You will be still better , than you think

Do you have loving friends ?

This question is not about you,but the answer YES.
Somebody can tell you :

You are ugly
You are fat
You are stupid

But you still think, this one is your friend.
But it´s not true, this one is your enemy.
He/She reduce your self-confidence and it´s notthing good for you
Love youre friends but only that who love you
Do you know which word says that , they love you ?

You are strong
Your secret is in safety
Love you
hate you, you psychopath - but they say it with big smile and laugh
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Trust your family,becouse they are your Friends..

What about you body? About your face?

You never saw me
You never saw me without make-up

BUT every day I see myslef
I have a lot of acne on my face, I have bis nose..
I am fatter then almost of my friends.. But I love myself, I love my body , I love my face and I want to say : Please don´t hurt yourself, becouse somebody don´t like you..

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Girl Power! Becouse you are PRETTY