This is a playlist wannabe. Enjoy :)

halsey, hopeless fountain kingdom, and hfk image

1- Bad at love.
2- Heaven in Hiding.
3- Strangers.

The next couple songs are too from Halsey from the Room 93 album.

1- Is There Somewhere.
2- Trouble.

halsey, pink, and badlands image

And again Halsey :) As you see it's Badlands.

1- Colors.
2- Ghost.
3- Strange love.
4- Gasoline.
5- Young God.

lust for life and ️lana del rey image

And now the queen, Lana Del Rey - Lust For Life.

1- Lust For Life.
2- Cherry.
3- 13 Beaches.
4- White Mustang.
5- Change.
6- Beautiful People Beautiful Problems.

angel, Hot, and babe image

And Born To Die is the next one :)

1- Born To Die.
2- Summertime Sadness.
3- National Anthem.
4- Dark Paradise.

This is the first part of my favourite songs so I'll be back soon :) Hope you liked it.

- P.