I was told a while ago: Writing about what you know separates your work from the crowd.

Today is different, tomorrow's gonna be different, and in some way, you are fushed towards that. Are you really that person who needs fishnet socks because they are all you see when you walk out of the house? No, honey, you're not. It's your right to stand out from the crowd. And, thank God, we came to that position in history were we can dress what we want.

It took me several years to build my own style. And the best compliment I can possibly get, every day, 'You always knew what you wanted, and look at you know'. Yes, look at me, I say in myself. This is me. I am this confident lady, in love with vintage clothes, but never afraid what the 'fishnet sock girls' are gonna say. I just think all the time about 30s, 40s and 50s. I see class, I see that grace&glamour what one of my collections is all about.

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Just wear what makes you confident, but don't wear it because everyone has that. Don't be a clone. Make your own style.