Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grow up? As a kid you'd tell your parents you wanted to be a doctor or a lawyer, or something successful. Or do you remember in elementary school when your teacher asked you the same question but to write it on a piece of paper, you'd put a rock star, a teacher, or a chemist.
But when you grow up and get into high school, things get a little complicated with friends, homework, jobs, and everything else. But once you graduate and reach young adulthood you might want to go to college or stay with a job, maybe even see the world.
At one point I'm sure you look back when you were a kid and you remember watching the movie Peter Pan, realizing why he would never want to grow up, or wanting to go back in time when you were a kid and not have to deal with the grown up responsibilities what we are all doing now.
What I am trying is and for this article, is to be happy. I want you all to be happy for whatever your happiness is, it could be your job, friends, traveling or the little things in life. I hope you all find the passion and drive you are looking for.