Hello Saturday! 🌞 This post is about pamper morning routine and how to get rid of oily skin. 🍀 First thing I use is the Exfo-Brusher Wash from GARNIER Pure Active. The main reason why I love this product is the amazing result from day one. 💙 Next I use a goodie which I love and is the toner from GARNIER Micellar Oil-Infused Cleansing Water. 💫 Normally it's a product dedicated to dry and sensitive skin, but I use it everyday and it makes my skin glow. 👌Then,my skin needs to feel hydrated so the GARNIER Face Cream is the one I need.🍃 In a Saturday lunch everything I need is a super light coverage from AVON Clear Skin in shade Light and I'm ready to enjoy the weekend! 🌺
PS: The most important thing I remember myself for a beautiful skin is drinking plenty of water. 💦
Water makes you beautiful and your skin alive! 🙈