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"Lily! After all this time?"- Dumbledore ....... "Always"- Snape .......

So this is my favourite Tattoo idea & I think this will be my first one.
The first reason why I choose this, I´m a massive potterheart. I love the story between Snape and Lily. It´s so tragic and sad, but also so rare. He loves her all his life and is with her and holds her when she dies, but she choose James Potter. I think everyone goes through such an situation in life, when the one you love, is in love with someone else.


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Love yourself or love yourself first

This is something important everyone needs to remember every day. I have big problems with self love, so it´s good to see this every day and get remembered that the most important person in my life is myself. This will be my second tattoo. I like it as much as the first one. I think the font is beautiful, so small, thin and soft. But instead I want it on my left lower arm, like in the first pic horizontal or vertical.


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I´m strong.

This is also so good to know every day. The first quote is more personal, because my mom always tell me that. And it´s so 100%. And the other 2 pics are also about strength. I think I´m a strong girl. I got through so much shit and I grow more and more because I make new experience. The last pic is just the position where I want it (on the side of my tummy on the top near my boobs- I´m bad at describing thinks haha I´m sorry but u see it in the pic). I still don´t know what sentences I prefer, but in the end it all has the same meaning so yeah.


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you are beautiful

You see I want a lots of self confidence tattoos. But I like positive tattoos. You will see them every day and they get inked in your skin for all you life. They will always be a part of you. Also I like this minimalistic style and how it´s just one line wth the flower (& i always thought that roses are beautiful as a tattoo so it´s 2 in 1).


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Tattoos with no meaning or I also like very much

You can. Means that you can do whatever you like. Just try it. Never give up or say it´s impossible. Work for it. Short, but deep meaning, hehe.
So the hand with the wand is also a potterheart tattoo. I would like to get this inked, because yeah Harry Potter haha & for me it means that you can make everythink great & magical if you just want to. You can enchant people with you character and your attitude, that´s your own personal magic wand.
Freedom. The font is so beautiful and it´s a big word. Not everyone is free, and you should be lucky that you can go where ever you want, maybe one day you can´t anymore... . So be thankful for it and use your freedom.
Grateful. I´m grateful for everythink I have in life. That I´m healthy and my family and friends also. That I have such an beautiful little family (even it´s a little broken...) and that I live in peace and freedom.
The last 2 don´t have a special meaning right now (the last one maybe but it´s a little complicated to explain here). I just think that they are beautiful. I love this tiny, minimalistic style. And I think it´s beautiful when I have one colored tattoo.


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Everything will come in time your happiness awaits you. - Acacia Clark

I follow her since she was a little girl, who gets a lots of hate and was sad. Now she is 19 years old, a beautiful mother and soon a beautiful queen to Jairus. She deserves it. When Jairus propose to her, short time after Brinleys brith, she said "Everything will come in time, your happiness awaits you". I think this is such an beautiful quote and she is so right. Never give up!

Here is my Inspiration Collection. The last pictures are the ones I explain here and some more tattoo ideas. So follow it for some more tattoo inspirations. I update regular!

Lots of love M.