Im so happy that you enjoyed reading my first article! It gave me the strength to write the second one! Thanks to all of you! I dont know where you are or in which continent you are. Maybe in europe like me? or in America? or in Asia? or in Africa? or in Australia?
However this platform connects all of us in harmony and I'm lucky to be part of this society who isn't afraid about sharing opinions or just feelings or like me positivity! I'm imagining the positivity by typing this article is readable in this article.

In my first article I wrote about people who make us feel comfortabke or happy! Yeah sharing your happiness is the most amazing thing you can do to your lets say family or friends or to an unknown person. Just stand up and go to a person you really like and tell her/him that you like her/him or that you really be happy to be her/his friend! It's never too late to share your happiness also your feelings.
Sometimes it's late or you loose someone that you really like and you hate yourself beacuse you two never talk about this topic! Why are we waiting so long and then loosing someone we really like? Don't wait because sometimes its the guilt of time or of us? It's a beautiful day to save lives. ;)

Oohh... lets make a deal! If you gave a heart to this article I'll be sure that you went to your friend or a member of a family and told her/him that you really like him/her.

For instance I'll go to my mom and kiss her cheek and she'll understand me immediately!

Have a beautiful, nice day with your lovers around you! Maybe you will hear something from me tomorrow.. ?..

Love all of you! :)