At times we forget that some of the habits we have now was once a choice- there was an opportunity to make the choice- and we made a choice and developed a habit, based on it.

Waiting for hours to receive a text from him because he asked you not to disturb him while he is in middle of something.
Gives little conscience with your plans and dreams.
Dates, moments and anniversary are not great fuzz for him .
Remaining you to stay fit, indirectly alerting you to eat less!
Appreciates you once in a blue moon.

And you..... went along with it. You chose him and made it a habit to waited for his free periods to talk, ignored his apathy about your plans, settled for little- had no expectation for any surprises on special occasions, controlled temptation for your favorite foods and got hyped with few good adjectives -_-


He was an option you chose back then. He still is an option. Compromising is not an option, but compromising for the wrong subject is an option. We all make wrong choices at some point of our life, that does not imply that we have to stick on it for ever.

Talk to him!
Tell him what you actually want now.
Tell him you deserve more.
Tell him to love you the way you deserve
And if he can not..... You guys can be always be good friends :D Show respect to each other and move on.