Hi everybody! This is my second post. I am extremely fueled to be writing, as I didn't expect my last article to get so much attention! In this post, I will be teaching how to make a bullet journal of your own, and what's more, to make it weheartit worthy!

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➞ Supplies for a basic bullet journal :

  • A diary or writing pad.
  • Pens of different kinds. For example, gel pens, ballpoint pens etc.
  • Highlighters.
  • Midliners, washi tape, stickers for decoration.
  • Scales, erasers and pencils if you're a simple person like me.
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➞ 1 - Getting a writing material :

In the beginning, getting a journal, diary, moleskin or any other material is important. Either you can buy something cheap and customize it, can make your own or buy something beautiful, it's your own choice. The important thing is to be organized and creative enough in your approach, as I use a diary-turned-bullet-journal myself. You can follow this link to make your own journal -

(this video is the property of @TheSorryGirls on Youtube.)

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➞ 2 - The first page - key, code, or anything else :

Now comes the question - what to do on the first page? Point is, a bullet journal is powered with ideas - be creative! Usually, most people make a key and colour code, in which they choose what symbols and what colours are marked for what actions. I usually have a quote written beautifully. Some people may prefer to write their names. Just for inspiration, I recommend writing your name, then making a key and color code, and after writing a quote starting yor month.

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➞ 3 - Monthly, weekly and daily layout :

Starting the planning, in the monthly layout you may make a calender, marking upcoming events such as birthdays, appointments etc. This can be very helpful to scatterbrained individuals like me. The weekly layout may be designed however you like, formally writing important stuff to be done in the week. The daily layout can be a simple tick and cross of tasks needed to be fulfilled everyday. Do not forget that creativity is everything.

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➞ 4 - Trackers for different hobbies :

If you like keeping track of your actions, this feature may be helpful to you. Trackers can be for different things. You may want to keep track of your drinking water, reading books, or stories that you're currently writing. You can even have a habit or mood tracker. To mark your actions, you may use colours, ticks, numbers or even circles. You can have these in pixels as well.

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➞ 5 - Customization and decorating -

You can use different decorations, you may doodle and draw something, cut out stickers, or do calligraphy. You may click photos, stick important pieces of paper to give a homey look to your bujo. When it comes to designing a bullet journal, there are no limits. You may even be like me, and be strictly all work. You could have little drawings to remind you of you day. It's all up to you. Besides, you can find ideas on weheartit and many other sites as well!

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In the end, remember that you can have many more things to do with your bullet journal. Creativity is everything. You can record feelings, write stories, you can use it as a personal diary. I'll be extremely glad if this post is as useful to you as my previous one. xxx

Yours truly,

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