These are the tips I used to lose weight, It's long but it did help me to lose weight and I hope it helps you too.

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1- Cut all the bad food from your kitchen.
By that I mean everything bad like fast food, soda, chips, oreos, cookies, pizza... all of that because when you're bored, you'll remember them and eat. I know it's hard, but worth it.

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2- Go for healthy organic foods.
These are better for your health, skin, hair and of course your body. Eating fruits and vegetables, whole-grain bread and oatmeal, eggs and protein, these are very good for your body. Anything natural is the human's friend. And if you hate the taste of the veggies then put spices to flavor it.

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3- Craving for sweets?
Well, you can eat dark chocolate which tastes very good (I love it!) I really loved it the first time I ate it because I can really taste the chocolate. Also, sometimes I put my fruits (like grapes) in the freezer to freeze for like 30 minutes and when I eat it I feel full. Also, you can freeze banana and strawberries (any fruit) then blend them to have natural ice cream which tastes very very good. And, smoothies are very good but don't go crazy with them and watch what you put in there.

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4- Drinking lots of water.
So, if you're like me and don't drink a lot of water, try these tips it might help you. If you forget to drink, then you can set an alarm or download apps to remind you because water is very very good for your body and skin. Also, I read once that it boosts your metabolism so it's a very healthy way to lose weight and free as well.
If you think water is boring then make it fun. Cut lemon, mint, orange, strawberries, blueberries... anything just go crazy with it to change the taste and make it better. You can also drink water once you wake up and when you're on your laptop or phone, set a bottle next to you.

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5- Sleep.
My favorite tip, I mean who doesn't like sleeping?
Sleep is so helpful when you're trying to lose weight just like water and it's free. When you sleep you burn calories (not a lot but at least you burn some) and if you're bloated and slept, you will wake up feeling good and the bloating is long gone. It also prevents you from eating at night which isn't very good because it will be hard to burn calories and let's be honest, no one will workout at 3 am.

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6- Fruits for breakfast.
It's very good to eat fruits for breakfast because they have sugars and they can burn off throughout the day and it makes you energetic, also it's something sweet to start your day with.

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7- Working out!
Now this part many of us don't like, I was like that. If you eat healthy and don't workout, I won't lie... you will lose weight. But you will be lazy and you will feel your body is heavy, you will carry excess skin from losing weight and it will slow down your weight loss. Let's say if you eat healthy and not workout it will take you 7 months to lose weight? Well, if you eat healthy and workout it will take 5 or 4 which is good and you will be healthy and energetic. You can listen to music and have your own workout playlist to give you energy, you can workout with your friends, you can workout with your pet they will jump around you like my cat does, you can workout while your tv is on and watching your favorite show or movie and that helped me I even began to move without feeling tired. And if you're not feeling it, take a walk and move around the house or the neighborhood while listening to music. Go for a run, clean up your room.. just do anything to stay active.

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8- Cheat Day
This is very important because you need to give yourself a present for working out, changing your eating habits. It's important because if you spent 2 months without eating a slice of pizza or a scoop of ice cream, if you ever tasted them again you will have lots of cravings because your body misses them, so it's good to give your body a rest for a day, but again don't go eating ice cream, pizza and chocolate all that in one day so the next day you can continue and not be lazy or bloated. And don't even blame yourself if you did that, just remind yourself next time not to do it again.

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9- Green tea, ginger, cinnamon, coffee.
Green tea is very very helpful because it burns calories and known for weight loss. Ginger is also very effective because it burns body fats and cinnamon as well. Coffee is healthy but without cream and sugar. Drinking black or with skimmed milk is better and if you can't quit sugar then take baby steps, if you drink it with 2 teaspoons of sugar then cut it down to 1 and half, then 1 until you stop the sugar. Also, don't drink lots of coffee, 2 cups a day is enough for your health.

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10- Set a realistic goal.
Don't be like I will lose 10kg in 2 weeks and work your butt off because it will leave you disappointed. I'm telling you this because this was me, school starts in 2 weeks then I will lose a lot of weight before it. Just be patient and let your body take time. And if someone lost a lot of weight in a short time and you're still not losing a lot, it's because every body is different. There are bodies that burn off fats and calories fast, but that doesn't mean you will not lose weight. No, you will. And you can write what you eat in a journal or download apps to help you.

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11- Don't starve yourself.
Don't go so hard on yourself and not eat. Having an eating disorder is very dangerous. Yes, you will lose lots of weight but you will be sick and your metabolism will slow down. I was like that and let me tell you it wasn't good at all, after I ate well again and became healthy, all my weight came back with diseases and it was so hard to lose it again because my body was punishing me and not burning off all the foods and fats, it took longer than before. Just don't go on diets and make healthy eating is your lifestyle.

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12- Love yourself.
You heard these words a lot? Hear them again and again! Life is too short to care about having thigh gaps or starving yourself. Love your body because there some people that can't walk and they wish they had any legs just so their feet touches the ground again. If you wanna lose weight, lose it for yourself and your health. Be your own motivation, be you. Be patient and have fun because you will regret the days you spent crying about your body. I'm 18 and I know how hard words can be and how our world now have body measures and all that but I don't give a damn. I love who I am and I don't care about what people say. We are all beautiful.