Making our lifestyle is a change that we always procrastinate doing. Frankly, I don't believe there is a girl out there who doesn't wish she had a healthier lifestyle or could achieve her "dream body". Well, I don't mean to terrify you but there is way-actually there are ways. Realizing that, I decided to change my habits and be more conscious about my actions. But I'm a person who wants rules to keep me in track. So I came up with the idea of a 60-day health challenge . If you like to join it with me my rules and routines are here!

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  • Monday > legs & cardio workout
  • Tuesday > cardio
  • Wednesday > arms & abs workout
  • Thursday > yoga
  • Friday > full body workout
  • Saturday > yoga
  • Sunday > yoga (optional)
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*Wake up at 6 am
*Sleep at 11 pm ( to have time to recoup)
*Eat healthy food only
*Drink 2.5 lt of water
*Eat at least 3 fruits
*Workout accordingly to the schedule

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Of course there will be some days when you can't do all that stuff so I added some Cheat days:

*Sleeping in/sleeping late > 6 days
*Eating unhealthy > 6 meals
*Skipping workout > 5 days

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I believe 60 days is enough time not only to adopt good habits but also to alter your whole lifestyle which is the point! Meditation will help you to relax when you think you can't do it, remember why you started and picture yourself in two months. Visualization is the key here! Imagine yourself achieving all your goals and how amazing you'll feel! This long-term gratification will keep you from ruining your progress and self-sabotage!

Make the (rest of) 2017 your year!

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