Tomorrow I return to school... I like school, I love learning new things. But the problem is people inside my school. They are not very tolerant. For instance yesterday I saw a text in my old class discussion. They were talking about new classes, and one of them said « I hate my new classes, with poor ugly lesbians ! »

Every single people in high school say that they are very « tolerant against homophobia » etc... But when I see those texts, I think there are just hypocritical people. It's weird because I am bisexual. It's pretty ironic, right ?

I'm going to give you some tips too !!! I don't want to have sad thoughts just before school.

•You must sleep early this evening, like that you will have a clear mind tomorrow !!
It's very important to be in good mood, it's going to be easier by this way.

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•Listen to your favorite songs !!! Not sad songs, it's FORBIDDEN!
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• Check your bag (pen case, books etc...)
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• Meet your friends an hour before the start, like that you can relax a bit your mind
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• Take a bath