Now looking back at us, everything was in the moment along with tears,smiles,laughs.Now that we stopped talking, again. I really had to think,
Do we need each other now?(I'm not sure)
Is this was I want(I really dont know)
Do I really need to go threw the jealous feelings,mood swings?(Hell no.)
I really and honestly I wanted to work between us but I guess not you know.Everything has a reason in life,maybe it wasn't the time to be together.I accepted it in my heart and if ever see each other in the future. I'm not sure how we would both react or say to each other.I remember somewhere on the internet

"Everything you do when 18 is going to be different when your 28" - I dont remember your name

That stood to me so I had to mentally take that and be really.
Do I really need to be like those girls?(Nope :)
Can I make this situation positive? (yes :)
Would I keep thinking about you?(Very)

So now everything we went threw or memories we wish it could repeat but for now life has the both of us part for untold reason for the better or worst.

(This a very messy feeling if you didn't understand. What i'm trying to say is that I was hurt for a while and I remember that quote.It help me now that it just temporary pain and things heal and hopefully me and him are doing fine even if we are not in contact.Maybe if we see each other one day who knows. Apologies for the crappy writing ;~; )