I had to breathe in and out hard after that brief little moment

To some this might be ridiculous. Well it is probably but to someone who is extremely shy and never really out there actively making at least a friend a day it is a pretty big deal. (Haha! That justification works!)

I had a crush on this guy who lives just a few blocks from my dormitory. We go to the same school and we've been in the same place for like a couple of times but never really got introduced. We have a common friend (which is a girl) so we often bump into each other once in a while. After a few days when we first saw each other, he would catch my eyes and smile at me when he sees me but I never smiled back. That happened for like too many times. I was starting to worry if he thinks he's annoying me. I think he did. Because just recently he started avoiding my eyes. He would look down or somewhere else just so we do not engage. It made me sad. Just when I thought that someone was actually interested in me, I predictably did things that would drive him away.

So this time, after taking a very difficult test I saw him outside the other classroom standing alone. I took the chance to be bold! (When I say bold, it's not really that bold but it is to me!) In the spur of the moment, I caught his eye and smiled at him! The kind of smile that would make you think I've got a sinister plan in mind or I'm a serial killer!

You might say, "Nah, normal. Nothing extraordinary."

But the moment he actually smiled back it was like....

pink, carousel, and vintage image
Riding a carousel
butterfly and back image
Freeing butterflies out of my stomach or body
food, chocolate, and donuts image
Having all my favorites at once
dance and rain image
Dancing in the rain

I'm just sooooo happy!

I hope you're having a blissful day too!