Hey, this is my first article! So please don't be mean! Anyways, I had a thought while I was in the bathroom. I was brushing my teeth and looking at my makeup that sits on the counter. (I have better lighting in my bathroom than in my room) I thought to myself, "wow I've never been into makeup before and look at me now." It's true, I never was into makeup and at one point I basically boycotted it. This was because when I was in 6th grade there were girls who were wearing makeup. I would tell my mom, "omg we just came from elementary!" and she would agree that those girls didn't need to wear makeup. I guess 11 yr old me was woke as fuck because I would always tell my mom that they didn't need to wear makeup at our age. I understood wearing makeup in high school but in middle school I thought it was a bit extra and that they were trying too hard. Plus my mom would always tell me I didn't need to wear makeup and that I was beautiful just the way I was. My mom would always tell me I was beautiful even if I had the worst acne at times. That really helped me be comfortable in my own skin even till today but that started to change a bit. In 8th grade, I had acne as well as acne scars (I still have the scars) & I had decided to start wearing concealer. My mom was a bit shocked and asked why. I told her I just wanted to cover up some of my acne. She was kinda confused because all through 6th and 7th grade, I was comfortable with the way I looked. (I got my period when I was ten in 5th grade so I had some spots) But she ended up getting it for me and that's what i wore for majority of freshman, sophomore and the beginning of junior year. (most of the time) Whenever I didn't wear concealer, I was really comfortable w/ the way I looked. Don't get me wrong, I had those days where I looked in the mirror and thought, "wow I look ugly today." However, even on those days my mom still thought I looked beautiful. She doesn't know that by her telling me that I looked wonderful, beautiful, etc.. it really helped me learn to be comfortable in my own skin and not give a fuck about what people think about me. Even now that I wear makeup, I still feel comfortable if I'm wearing makeup or if I'm not. Thanks to my mom.
Thanks for reading it (if anyone read it) Sorry if you thought it sucked, this is my first article.