Never give up, great things take time.
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You CAN do this, you are smart, you are hardworking, you are intelligent, you are amazing! Believe in yourself so you could achieve your goals.

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You're going to win this battle, just like you won every other.
Know what you're fighting for. Motivate yourself.

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Focus on the right things.
Do not give up even if the odds are against you!
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No train no gain

Fight till you achieve your dreams so you can create new dreams to fight for.
It's now or never, because time does not stop for anyone. So pick up your pace and fight like you mean it, like your life depends on it. Cause no one is gonna do it for you.

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On top of the world!

Choose your own future. And don't forget if you work for it eventually you will achieve everything you want :)

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Dream, believe, achieve!