Hello stars,
Today a few tips to see how to always look good. I use most of the tips from this list. So let's go.

Drink plenty of water, it gives you energy and many more things. Water is super good for you. So drink plenty of water instead of a soda. But once a soda is not very bad.

-Get up early
Get up early is good for you. Not too early of course. It's good for you because then in the morning you can do a lot more things. And you also have more time to wake up what is handy for school, you can better pay attention during the lesson

-Do what you want
Do what you want and not what others want. Always wear dresses if you want. Carry a lot of makeup if you want. Because you are who you are and no one can change you. This is the most important tip of this whole list.

-Work out
A work out is good for the concentration and for your body. So sometimes doing a workout is good for you (even if it is for 10 minutes) and 1 time in the week a work out of half an hour.

These were the tips I had for today. Hopefully you have some. Comment what you think of it and until next time
Big hug,