From the last episode of Teen Wolf the town of Beacon Hills is afraid of the unknown and the probability of it being the werewolf of Beacon Hills is high.Liam is struggling is schools as everyone is against him.At the same time, Scott tried to make a negotiation with Gerard and Monroe but didn't get to because something got into their way.

In this episode of Teen Wolf, Theo that was caught on the last episode in a trap in some dungeon with 2 other runaways with him.Even though the one with Derek and Peter from the last few seasons(dang that was good) was better but Theo will do for this season.

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Even so after that they've finally escaped and Theo brought them to Beacon Hills As soon as they got there, they were caught by the sheriff because the 2 runaways were charged in case of murder.At the same time, there was a lone wolf that came to the town to find Scott but she was caught by a few hunters and shot by a deputy.

Scott and the rest went to the police department because the lone wolf came to do a report against the deputy but the sheriff didn't believe. They also came there to take over the care of the 2 runaways but as soon as they did that, hunters were already surrounding the whole police department with loads of guns.And well Scott and the rest didn't know what to do.

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Scott and the rest were ready to attack the hunters with the help of Theo as well but the hunters gave them till 12 midnight to hand over the 2 runaways to them. Meanwhile, in the department, there was no connection to the outside world and Lydia found out that Nolan was doing all that and he got caught.

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Theo and Liam also had a talk, like last time they did at the hospital but as soon as Liam got no patience with him he punches him in the face ( No not the face).Scott also got really mad when he found out that the 2 runaways had blue eyes because they killed innocent people when they were hunted by hunters.

In the department, the dead body that escaped Mama McCall's hospital was giving them the fear vibe and the whole department was terrified till 2 deputies committed suicide. And this gave Scott an idea of bringing the 2 dead bodies and pretended that it was the 2 runaways.

As soon as they brought it out Monroe didn't believe that it was the 2 runaways in the bag but then Papa McCall came to the rescue by handing over the 2 runaways to another department instead hence the situation got settled. But not for the inner circle, they had to leave.

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Scott and the rest of the supernatural beings had to leave Beacon Hills in order for the town to stop going against them. But then again our, Beacon Hills werewolf pack wasn't that easy to give up yet.They pretended that they were running but instead, they were at the clinic hiding while trying to plan out an attack.

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And WELL, the 2 runaways died in the end because the deputy was corrupted by the hunters and this is why I have trust issues with everyone. NEVER TRUST ANYONE.

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