Hello pritties, once again I'm writting to you and today I'm gonna write about a a topic that has become more popular today than ever. You see ,as a girl, I find myself constantly doubting myself because of my body.

I used to get bullied in middle school because i was always a bit muscular, at the time I was training swimming. Once i got to high school I lost 22 pounds and was down to a weight of 105 pounds. After high school I started to gain waight again, I was feeling like the queen of the world once i gotten to collage.

The only thing that changed was the enviroment. I was no longer surrounded by people who needed me to be misrable so they would feel good. For me, the magazines didn't have an influence, my so called friends did. Don't let people, who are supposed to be your friends, put you down. They aren't your friends and never will be, they're just small souls that deserve pitty.

Love yourself, everything starts with you, you are beautiful no matter how much you weight, your skin colour, the colour of your hair or how tall or short you are. Thank you for reading this and I hope somehow this helped you. It gets easier.

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Love You all, xx