• Catching Lightning Bugs

This first use for jars is one from my childhood. I have a lot of great memories of catching lightning bugs, putting them in a jar, watching them for a while and then letting them go. I hope today's kids aren't staying on the internet so much that they don't make time for this. They'll be missing out on some great childhood memories later on if that is the case.

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  • The Book Jar

I found this second use for jars right here on WHI. It's for people who can't decide which book to read next. You write the name of all your books on pieces of paper and put all the papers in the jar. Then you draw one out to be the next book you read.

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  • Keeping Track Of The Good Things That Happen During The Year

This is another use for a jar that I found right here on WHI. I haven't tried this yet but I might starting in January. You start in January and you write notes about the good things that happen during the year. Then on New Year's Eve you empty the jar and read about all the good things that happened during the year.

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I'm happy to have found two of these fun uses for jars right here on WHI and I hope to find more of them right here in the future.