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Admit it, you're afraid to text him first because you feel like you're annoying.

September 3, 2017

There are two types of crushes:

1) A casual crush; you look at them and you're like "OMG you're really cute and I would like to get to know you better."

And then there's:

2) When you absolutely head over heels for a guy and your like "OMG you got to be kidding me! You are perfect wow I'm going to rethink about the 10 hour conversation we just had please love me!"

My friend H is definitely no. 2 with not just one guy but with 2. Let's start with guy 1:

H has been crushing on chair for a really long time well in fact after the "fake" friend stopped stalking him by hiding behind trees and wanting to start an instrument just to join the band! Like who does that?!
H is into him but she has a feeling that someone else (a friend) likes him and that he likes someone else.. but how would she know? She needs to get in before he gets in with another chick and that brings us to the next guy:

Ocean is a lovely guy who goes to her church. The thing is he got out of his way to talk to her throughout the session which I think is absolutely adorable! At least she knows that her "fake" friend doesn't know about this guy so she can't go stealing him off of H.

The only problem is she is confused why she is crushing on two guys.. One of them has ought to be messing with her brain. If I was her I would ask out the guy who is willing to get out of his way to get to know such a wonderful person and if both of the guys reject her, oh they better watch out or I'm coming for them because they would be missing out on one heck of a beautiful and creative girl!

Which guy would you pick for H? Chair or Ocean?
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