I was wrong. For choosing you, for believing in you, for trusting you. I should've not done so many memories with you. I was wrong. I was weak for falling for you. I was wrong for feeling happy about every message you sent me. I was wrong for small talks and long talks that I loved. It was the wrong time to be with you. I chose you over everything. I was wrong. I was wrong for thinking you were the one. I was wrong for believing I could have a future with you, but all I will have is memories; memories of the past I had with you. I was wrong. So many thoughts of going back and fixing stuff but we both know we can't. People say "don't regret what happened in the past because it made who you are." but guess what, I do regret everything I did with you. I regret every feeling I had for you. I am wrong for regretting, but you made me regret everything between us. Honey, I guess; I'm wrong.