Hi readers!
So today I would like to share you guys story about my house which I do not like it at first.

Btw, the image is a scene of my hands and plants at my house XD.
But first sorry for my bad english because I live in Malaysia so english is my second language.

Let's start! Ok, my house is surrounded by the nature (forest) because there were many rainforest here. I personally thinks that it would be a little bit creepy at first.

One day, I have a thought. Why I live here when everybody are living happily in the city? My friends marginalized me because I live far from them! My life looks the same as rapunzel! being alone in the room by herself..

After having a long pensive moment, I realize that we live here to fulfill my late grandfather wish which is to take good care of his estate. Living here get us far away from the busy of the city. We live peacefully here.
Now I learn that we must love wherever, whenever or whoever we own because there are more people out there does not have what we have.
Thank you for reading ;)