I know many face difficulty and discouragement when it comes to the area of romance. Sometimes, when everyone around you seems to be finding and living their happily ever after, you just stare and wonder..."when will mine come?" Sometimes as we travel down the road, in our journey, we make mistakes. We fall for the wrong people, at the wrong time. Why? Because it seems easier than waiting for the right person and the right timing. When read many letters that girls were writing to there future Boaz (another name for future husband), I was encouraged to write mine, because this letter spoke the words of my hear to you my dear future Boaz, wherever you may be.

love, light, and couple image
My Dear Boaz,

"I'll be honest that I have searched in all the wrong places for you. I have searched in crowds and places in hoped one of them would be you. But I was searching in the wrong places and searching the wrong people. I have met many wrong people and many times tried to convince myself that those people where you. But I was wrong and because of my poor choices was left hurt. I've asked God to forgive me...and right now...even before we meet, I ask for you to forgive me. God has me on hold you, saving me for you. And here I was pursuing other people than rather first pursuing God. I was foolish. Through hurt and pain, I see now that my heart has always belonged to you. And yours to me. For now, I will stop searching for and just focus on God. For God will bring us together at the right moment, in the right season. I cannot stop myself of dreaming of you, dreaming how our life together with God would be. When that day comes, I know it will be far better than any of dreams. Until then, let us first pursue and focus on God, because it is a crazy world out there. And then when that time comes, we will do it together...Became lights to this world."

So until we meet,
Yours always <3