Dear reader,
Before you read this, keep in mind that this is my first ever article.

Ahhhh, relationships. It can be a good and a bad thing, you know. Almost every girl in the world wishes for someone to love and respect her. For me, I'm one of those girls. But, reality doesn't seem to really enjoy that idea. It makes us go through many relationships before we find "the one". They make us naively use our imagination to come up with the perfect S.O. Reality makes some of us believe in soulmates and love at first sight, making us hurt ourselves in the process. If you believed in this and found the one you call your perfect half, stop now and continue on with your life and be happy.

What I wanted to say to those of you who haven't found the one to snap out of it. Although there could be a chance of you finding you happy ending, there is a greater chance its not going to happen. People these days are blinded by money and great power and money. Finding true love in the 21st century isn't easy, I'll say that. But finding a good and stable relationship with the person you're sure you'll love isn't as hard. In every relationship I have (I've only had two), I made some ground rules. Maybe you could use them too.

Charlie's rules

1. If this doesn't work out, nothing should change between us unless you did something bad. Otherwise, continue on as friends

2. Don't neglect me. I'll give you space but remember I'm here and talk to me

3. Don't cheat or even try to flirt with others (Thats a complete given)

4. Do not, ever, lie to me about anything. Something small that we can agree on is okay. If not, then bye.

Honestly, thats it. Most of them are a given but believe me when I tell you many people messed up without these "rules" in relationships. In my opinion, 2-4 are most important and deal breakers. Most of all in a stable relationship, both of you should be happy.

Well thats all.

May us single ladies find the ones who can tolerate us and be the ones to not only to carry on the relationship but to cherish it.

XOXO, Charlie