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Does it happened to you that you see an amazing french nails in the internet, a magazine, tv, whatever, and say: "Oh, how beautiful they are, i'm doing them by myself so i donยดt have to spend in the spa" Then you try to do it and look like shit. Pure shit. Sad story.

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But there are some tricks i learned that worked and helped me to do that hard ass perfect french nails, that iยดm going to share with u (ยฐโˆ€ยฐ)

Okay, so, there are various options to do this technique, the first one is with sticky stripes, you can fabricate them by using scotch tape and cutting it at the size of your nail at the shape you want.

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the second option is using a office band adjusting it to your finger tightly so it doesn't move, Painting from where the band is.

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And the last one is using sticky circles that some people use in the office, but you can make them using a post it, cutting a circle where the glue is, and paint.

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Remember that you can play with colors and tones; there are no rules in this, so go ahead and try new things!

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Hope you enjoyed!