Self - love

Worry about loving yourself, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.

September 3, 2017

Everyday someone is doubting their self by the way they look. Everyone needs to stop comparing themselves to other girls let alone magazines.

Magazine are a big fat lie to little girls and boys who want to look like them as they see the guys with 6 packs and the girls with flawless bodies and an hour shape figure. They are fake! Photoshop fixes everything to hide blemishes and they completely change the person who is behind all the photoshopping.

It is practically impossible to go to bed with a flat stomach because when you eat your stomach stretches and yes it's supposed to do that. What about those girls who a pregnant but yet don't have a baby bump? That has ought to either be a lie or their baby well, I don't think would have enough space to grow!

Those black heads you see on your skin will always be there, there's no way you can get rid of all of them and yes your face is not symmetrical because if it was you wouldn't have any characteristics.

I myself have trouble loving the person I am because:
1 - I'm short
2 - I dislike my beauty spots
3 - I am apart of the itty bitty committee
4 - I have a ton of black heads on my nose and in between my brows
5 - I have discolouration in my skin
6 - It looks like I don't get sleep very often

The more you dwell on yourself the more people will notice you because lets face it no one pays good attention to the days when you have a breakout, not enough sleep, un plucked hair because if they do mention something to you its probably because they haven't experienced it or they have and they're trying to make themselves feel better.

Please don't go around telling people oh you have a zit on your nose like a witch just to make yourself feel better.

Appreciate the person you are. God makes everyone beautiful as expected. If you were ugly then God wouldn't have created you. All his of his creations are: beautiful, funny, smart and creative which means you are beautiful and embrace that.


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