Hi loves, I'm back with one more article. I have to admit that I'm starting to get addicted to it, the WHI does not really want me to ever leave this site.

Today I will talk about my country, my land, the place where I was born. Brasil.

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You must have heard of Brazil, it may have been on television, in the newspaper, or in your geography class. But you probably should not know much about it here, just what the media shows.


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You may have heard about Brazilian carnaval. Samba, beautiful women dancing practically naked
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Sometimes they are really naked, being covered only with ink. Really.

What you need to know is that this does not happen every day, or year round (the country has no money to do so), it's only once a year in February for four days.

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And another thing, a lot of people - like me, can not stand the carnival. Most outsiders think that all Brazilians know how to dance samba. But not really, the carnival is very noisy, very colorful, a party too big, then either you love or hate.

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A samba schools getting ready for a whole year for the big day, it's amazing to see

But it's cool because it's a national holiday.

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We speak the Portuguese language, not Spanish.

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"It is not egoism if by first, you are your priority."

One day a bunch of Portuguese people arrived here in Brazil and colonized these lands.

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"In 1500 Brazilian Indians discovered Cabral lost in the sea."

So we speak Brazilian Portuguese. PT-BR. Not Spanish as many foreigners think. We don't like when they say, "But is not it the same?".

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If it was the same one would not call itself Portuguese and another Spanish. I can barely understand what a Spaniard is talking about, and I'm sure he thinks the same way.

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After a Brazilian speaks with a Spanish or vice versa.

Many words have different meaning, for example, Embarazada, in Spanish means pregnant. But in Brazil it is very similar to the word Embaraçada, which means embarrassed. So let's not make this mistake anymore, OK?

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But I will not lie, we can communicate, because the language barriers don't stop Latinos :)

Everything mixed.

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It's a mixture of very crazy races. Here you have white, black, brown, yellow, Indian.

Many tourists who emigrated from other countries to live here. Italian, Portuguese, African, Chinese, Japanese, and so on. And that is what makes our essence, we have a very colorful culture. It's all together and mixed here in Brazil.

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And that's beautiful.

We live in cities.

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People do not live in the middle of the forest. Yes, I've heard such ignorance.

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We have the Amazon here, but we also have buildings, malls, stadiums, and a lot of other things that civilized countries have.

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Rio de Janeiro.

Violence doesn't stop us from living.

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Here there is not only violence.

Having, like many countries, few are fortunate to have almost not or no violence. But Brazil, that's not all. We can live with the violence, because we need to, of course we don't feel right to have to live like this, but what can we do?

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Unfortunately we don't have a Harry Potter wand, and we can not try to cast a spell for world peace.

The good side of this (yes, there is) is that this violence has made us smart, we do not live an alienated life (some yes, but let's do what?), We care more about our safety, even if the people are in a safe place.

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And being smart in this life is profit.

I see corrupt politicians everywhere.

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"There is so much wrong that it does not even fit into a poster."

Our government is corrupt. I did not want to put it here, but it's the truth.

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We know they're corrupt and rob us, but why do not we get up and make the change?
- I don't know.

Unfortunately the human being is very accommodating. My fear is that future generations will grow up thinking that what is right is to be corrupt.

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"If you don't fight these sons of bitches, your children and grandchildren will be born slaves."
Our president is as bad as Trump, he wants to deforest a part of the Amazon for his own profit, he says it's for the best in Brazil. But it's like the devil talking. We must protest before this madness comes to fruition.

We laugh at ourselves.

And even with all the bad things he has here, we still manage to be happy, and laugh at our own misery. Brazil has the best memes in the world, I don't want to be pretentious saying that, but it's the truth.

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"I protesting: It lowers the price of the snack in the canteen."
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"- Here's the list of who asked you. - It is empty."
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"The world goes round"
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"It's a lot of Muggle papers, so I sort it out."
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"This meme is originally Brazilian, it is authentic."

We make fun of everything, the others, the people, the world. Our motto is: Laugh not to cry.

We lose the friend but don't lose the joke.
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Because the best of Brazil, it's the Brazilians.

So come visit Brasil, but please be original and don't go to Rio de Janeiro. We have many beautiful places here, explore.

And taking advantage of the fact that you're here, why not visit my new collection about Brazil? She's cool, I swear.
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P.S.: Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my article :)
P.S.S.: Everything I said here was based on what I've heard from foreigners talking about Brazil. I hope I did not offend anyone.
P.S.S.S.: I'm sorry if you have any typos, I did my best, but English is not my first language.