As they walked to the art atrium, Everett thought about his painting the night before. He knew he was feeling pretty down when the painting changed, it just seemed to him that control over art supplies was a very strange and very unrealistic power to go with sadness.

“Hey, Rae,” he began, thinking that she might have some idea. “Um, what happens when I’m sad? Like do I have any abilities?” He looked at her as they walked.

“So what happened?” she asked, knowing full well that he wouldn’t be asking unless something had happened.

Everett sighed. “Last night I was painting and well I paused for a second to wipe the tears from my eyes, don’t ask,” he said when he saw her quick look of concern, “and when I looked back at the painting, it wasn’t… well it wasn’t what I had painted. It changed.”

“Could you show me? I’m not sure I’m the one to answer you about that.”

“Show you the painting?”

“Yeah,” she said nodding. “I’m guessing it’s back at the cabin.”

When Everett nodded in response, she turned and started walking towards the woods. Everett shrugged and followed her, helping her up the steps and in the door once they got there. He walked over and grabbed the watercolor painting from the night before. He ran a hand through his hair as he handed it to her. “Here. Originally is was a seascape but…”

→ ←

Rae pursed her lips as she studied the picture. “Well, I’m no art critic, but the blue seems to be your color for sadness. Maybe you were just overcome by your emotions.”

“But that doesn’t explain why the painting would change like this without me doing anything.”

“Well, obviously you did something,” Rae pointed out, sitting down on the sofa. “You seem to have a lot of other abilities surfacing.”

“What kind of ability would do this?” he asked, a bit of hysteria in his voice. Rae knew that it hadn’t been that long ago that he even figured out he was a child of a Greek god. Now being told that he had special abilities, and more special abilities, it was probably all getting to be a bit much for him to absorb. He sat down on the couch, putting his head in his hands as he tried to sort it out mentally.

Rae patted him once on the back, keeping her thoughts to herself so he wouldn’t feel any more overwhelmed than he already was. She studied the painting before her, wondering what kind of materials were used that could have been manipulated.

“What kind of painting is this?” she asked. “Oil? Airbrush? Tempera? Pastel?”

“Watercolor,” he muttered. “It’s watercolor.”

Rae smiled, the idea coming to her, and tapped him on the shoulder.

He didn’t sit up, so she tapped him again.

“Why are you poking me?” he groaned, sitting up to look at her, then glowed white when he saw her smiling.

“Because I think you might have hydrokinesis.”


“You know, hydrokinesis. Manipulation of water. If you see, all the same colors are there. There aren’t any new colors. You just moved them around into a new picture without really thinking about it. It might be linked to your sadness, which also explains why your tears float.”

He remained silent, taking it all in. “That does make sense.”

She nodded. “Let’s go try it out at the art atrium.”

→ ←

Everett stared at the drop of watercolor paint. “So what exactly do you want me to do?”

“Think about whatever it was you were thinking about last night. Just this time, don’t inhibit your emotions and try to be aware of the painting.”

Everett furrowed his brows. “I wasn’t thinking of anything,” he stated. “I was listening to music.”

Rae tilted her head. “What kind of music? Want me to sing?” She smiled mischievously, thinking in her head what a terrible singer she was.

Everett shook his head, eyes wide. “That’s fine. I just,” he paused as he reached in his bag for his earbuds, “need these.”

Grabbing his phone as well, he put on the same song as the night before and put the earbuds in, blocking out the noise surrounding him. He tried to get lost in the music but knowing that Rae was there made it impossible to get into it. He sighed and pulled out one earbud before turning to face her.

“I can’t do it,” he said nervously.

“Why?” Rae asked expectantly.

Everett flinched a little. He didn’t want to hurt her feelings by telling her why. He sighed again, looking down at his feet.

“Well,” he muttered under his breath.

“Well what?”

He looked up at her. “I think it’s because you’re here. I don’t mean that as like its because you are here. I mean no matter who was here. If someone was here I probably couldn’t do it. I don’t know why I can’t do it. I know that before I came here I felt really self conscience about crying in front of other people, but I’ve already cried in front of you, so it really shouldn’t be a problem, but-” he paused when he realized he was babbling.

“I just can’t do it.” He shook his head glowing blue. He swallowed and turned back to the watercolor paint.

“You’re looking blue now,” she pointed out. “Quick, focus on the paint.”

Everett did what he was told, and focused on moving the paint across the paper. To his surprise, it moved. The blue around him faded to purple and his wings sprouted again, bringing a smile to his face as well.

“I did it!”

→ ←

They were the only ones in the atrium on the weekend sitting at the round tables, so there was no one there to comment on his wing sprouting.

“Well done,” Rae said genuinely. “I think you’re getting the hang of it all. You’re a fast learner.”

“Or I’m just a fast cryer,” he mumbled bashfully.

“Maybe,” Rae agreed. Then her eyes alighted on the cabinets and shelves of art materials around the room, and she felt a sudden burst of creativity. “I’m gonna make something,” she announced, getting up to get some art supplies.

Everett followed suit. “I guess I’ll try out some of their supplies,” he said.

They reconvened at the table, Rae with a pile of stickers, glitter, markers, and colorful paper, Everett with an acrylic paint set and small canvas.

“What are you making?” he asked her as she started cutting seemingly random into the paper.

“Not sure yet,” she admitted, chewing on her lip as she opened the glitter bottle a little too forcefully, sending the tiny pieces flying into the air. It settled in her hair as well as in Everett’s. “Oops,” she said with a chuckle. “Sorry about that.” She didn’t bother brushing any of it off as she proceeded to add glue to her craft.

Everett shook his head and put in his ear buds, but he just stared blankly at the canvas, seemingly unsure of how to start or what it was he was going to paint.

Rae returned her attention to her own work, wondering if she could salvage this pile of crap she had made, but suddenly she felt something tickling her hand.

Without turning her head, she glanced down to see Everett painting on top of her hand. She blushed and looked straight ahead so as not to interrupt him. She wasn’t even sure if she was breathing.

When he finished, she looked down at it. It was a mix of a snowflake and a flower, unique and beautiful. She turned to face Everett then, a slight coloring still in her cheeks. He tilted her head at her, no doubt trying to read her thoughts. So to distract both him and herself, she grabbed the brush he had set down on the table, poking him in the nose with it. Then she started to laugh at the blue smudge on the tip of his nose.

→ ←

Everett’s nose scrunched up in reflex to the cold paint. He squinted at her, as he took out an earbud.

“I have a feeling that it’s colder when it’s on your nose,” he joked as he grabbed a paper towel to wipe it off. After he did so he held it out for Rae. “Here,” he said until he saw her confused look. “You can wipe that off now,” he gestured to the flower.

“What?” she asked, then in her mind she said, “I’m never washing this hand again.”

Everett brought one hand to his forehead. “That is very unsanitary.”

She laughed. “I like it. I don’t want to wash it off.”

“You should wash that one off, it really isn’t that good,” he said, blushing towards the end.

“It’s wonderful,” Rae said as she held her hand out to look at it from far away.

“It’s gonna fade anyway.”

“Well when that happens I’ll get a tattoo of it.”

Everett laughed at her, his glow turning yellow.

“You’re cute when you laugh.”

He froze and looked up at her.

Rae’s eyes widened. “I did not say that out loud,” she said, answering the question that Everett hadn’t said yet.

→ ←

Looking down in embarrassment, Rae stared at her hand to try and keep from thinking anything else she would regret later.

“Oh, um. Hey, it’s okay. Sorry, I don’t really try to intrude in people’s thoughts,” Everett tried to explain.

“No, it’s not your fault,” she insisted. “I just… I’ve never really been good at self control, consciously or subconsciously.”

They went back to their artwork before them for a few more silent minutes. Rae’s stomach started to growl.

“Are you hungry?” he asked.

It was close to lunchtime, but after keeping her thoughts and mouth silent for so long, the first thing that she blurted out was, “Would you like to go on a date with me?”