i decided to do an article on my morning routine. why? you may ask. because sometimes i find other morning routines and get inspired to change the way i do mine. hopefully, mine will do the same.

7:30 am ~ my alarm wakes me up. usually, during the school year i wake up at 7:00 to go to any sports practices i'm doing because practice starts at 8:15am. last year i joined every sports team that my school provided, (6 different teams.) so i was basically getting up at 7:30 every morning tbh.

i get out of bed about five minutes later after staring at the wall (admit it. you do it too.) someimes my mom will come in and remind me to get my fat arse out of bed. i have insomnia so i'm constantly tired and wanting sleep, even though i probably won't get some. i head on over to my bathroom and do the usual, wash my face, brush my teeth and get dressed.

my hair is in braids so i don't have to worry too much about my hair in the morning. i can decide is i want it up or down. usually, the night before i braid it so in the morning it;s wavy and decent looking. my outfits are usually either jeans, tights, sweatpants and a top. i usually have a sweatshirt over it.

after getting dressed if i have any homework that i didnt get done last night or i decide to a jounrnal entry i make sure to quickly get out the bathroom to finsh up that. i also take the time to make my bed and clear up whatever mess i made last night while doing my homewrok or just chlling and pigging out. my bag is usually packed the ngiht before but if not i'll also go and do that.

my bathroom time is very short because i have to get my little brother up.

8:00 am ~ i head back to my room to wake my little brother up. usually it's a struggle. he has ADHD so waking him up and getting him prepared takes a little more time but my trick is to just keep calm and collected.
(and of cousre bribe him. opps) he spends ten to fifteen minutes getting dressed and ready for school. we get out the bathroom at around 8:20 am

8:20 am ~ my brother and i both exit the bathroom and head to the kitchen. my dad has already left for work but made some hot lunches for my brother, mother and i. my mom packs my brothers lunch while i take out my prepped lunch from the night before.

my lunch consists of one warm lunch, a snack( usually a salad) and some fruits and veggies on the side. sometimes i put in a chocolate granola bar or some sot of sweet snack.

i place my lunch bag in my backpack, sip it up and place it by the door. my brothe does the same. sometimes if my dad is home he will make us a big breakfast, if not my mom makes a regualr breakfast. i don't really like eating so i have something small like a yogurt or a fruit.

8:45 am ~ my mom has left at 8:30 am to go and catch her bus so my brother and i get ready to catch our own bus. but before will my brother is still eating his breakfast i do the dishes and clean up whatever needs to be cleared in the house. i makes sure my PRESTO bus pass and keys are bvyt he door to take with me when i leave. sometimes i will run back in the bathroom to brush my teeth again and apply some light foundation under my eyes and some mascara and maybe some clear gloss. i grab my phone and earphones and quickly look through my social media. when i come out the bathroom my brother is putting on his shoes and we're ready to go.

8:50 am ~ we're out the door to go and catch our bus.