to be honest, it's not easy. it's not easy to have someone who 'loves you the most' and then, one day, he decides to just disappear. after all the ups and downs, tears, happiness, holidays, gifts, after all our days of love he just disappear.
without farewell message. without last hug. he's just gone. am i just another girl in the row that you lied? was i really your first true love? was i your happiness, your whole life, your babe forever and always?
i was left alone to walk the street of this city, without your hand in my, without your hug, without your smile to follow me through the dark streets. i remained alone, trapped in a million lies, a million of empty desires and empty promises. you broke my heart. you broke me.
it wasn't easy, baby, but i collected the last atom of my strenght and bravely walk this city again. i killed you, in my mind, first. my biggest love. my biggest disappointment. and in the end, my biggest obstacle.
thank you, my first true love for this feeling of emptiness, nonsense and fake hopes that somewhere is someone created to love me.
the last thing i have to tell you: thanks for not loving me back, i learned how to love myself. and, i still keep my promises. the most in the world. forever.