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Today for my first article with this new feature that weheartit has added to their new update. I thought I would do a book review on a book called Zenn Diagram by Wendy Brant.

Author - Wendy Brant

Pages  - 222

Source - Requested from Net Galley (Thank You)

Format - E-Book

Publication Date - April 4th 2017 

Publisher - Kids Can Press 

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Description - Eva Walker is a seventeen-year-old math genius. And if that doesn't do wonders for her popularity, there's another thing that makes it even worse: when she touches another person or anything that belongs to them --- from clothes to textbooks to cell phones --- she sees a vision of their emotions. She can read a person's fears and anxieties, their secrets and loves ... and what they have yet to learn about calculus. This is helpful for her work as a math tutor, but it means she can never get close to people. Eva avoids touching anyone and everyone. People think it's because she's a clean freak --- with the emphasis on freak --- but it's all she can do to protect herself from other people's issues. Then one day a new student walks into Eva's life. His jacket gives off so much emotional trauma that she falls to the floor. Eva is instantly drawn to Zenn, a handsome and soulful artist who also has a troubled home life, and her feelings only grow when she realizes that she can touch Zenn's skin without having visions. But when she discovers the history that links them, the truth threatens to tear the two apart. Zenn Diagram, Wendy Brant's sparkling debut novel, offers an irresistible combination of math and romance, with just a hint of the paranormal. Readers will swoon over Zenn and connect instantly with Eva, the most fully drawn prodigy in teen fiction today.

My thoughts on this book: 

NOTE - This book contains swearing, sex and substance abuse in the form of alcohol 

Thank you to Net galley for providing me a copy of this book once I was approved. 

Imagine having the power to know everything about the person with just a single touch. Fun right. Well having the ability to know just about everything about someone is not so much fun as it seems for the Eva. She goes through life of longing to know what it's like to touch someone without instantly knowing their deepest secrets, joys, and fears in their lives.

This being scared of not touching any one or anything because of the she secrets she might find out about an individual she meets changes when she meets a tall, dark and handsome boy named Zenn. What starts as a friendships blooms into a beautiful romance that is haunted with a dark secret that is kept from them about their family's history. To Eva's surprise when she touches Zenn he does not seem to have any lingering fractals that will cause Eva not to have normal relationship with him. Which gives Eva hope that she might be able to have that touch with someone that she has always longed for ever since she discovered her gift.

Zenn a tall, dark and handsome boy who is an artist that works three jobs just to support his family and is the most sweetest guy that you will ever read about in a YA novel. He is so great with kids i loved the part where Eva went to the body shop with her mum and her siblings to see the progress with the church van and seeing Zenn interact with the kids is so adorable. Something about guys being good with kids pulls your heartstrings. He's not like those guys that only want you for one thing and will also play with your emotions. Whereas with Zenn he actually cares about how you're feeling and will try his  best to fix the problem.
Sometimes in the book Eva did annoy a bit with the "I'm not your normal girl." mindset because she feels that just because she doesn't fit in or wears makeup that is not like normal girls in her high school that obsess over footwear, sex, boys, makeup and trying to be prettier. She almost seems like she is special in a way because she's more "I'm into calculators like most girls are into footwear." "Most women could make a full time job out of trying to be pretty." "I love math like most women love Starbucks." which the last quote is so me but instead of math I love books and music. But I understand why she feels the way she feels because throughout her whole life except her best friend Charlotte she has spent everyday avoiding peoples touch, body and/or objects that hold importance to people. This causes her to be defensive in a way because she may not experience what all her peers can experience in her high school years such as being in a relationship, having that closeness with people that everyone gets to have, being able to touch people without knowing their deepest darkest secrets, their joys and most importantly their fears the same way that they can without having fractals aka visions.

Overall, This book is an incredible read that is filled with amazing characters that anyone can relate to or have something in common with. I really enjoyed my time reading this book even though in the beginning it took me awhile to get into the book but once I did I couldn't put it down none the less i would highly highly recommend this novel to any who loves to read.

This book is definitely going on my favourites shelf for sure. I have never read anything by this author before but after this book I can't wait to read what she writes next.

I give this book ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

 📚Happy Reading