It's about that time of the year when summer is coming to a close and September begins to roll in, which means it's back to school for most of us on here. Bummer right ? But on the bright side, autumn is coming, and that means the place will get colder, the leaves will turn from green to brown, pumpkin spice lattes are coming back and before we know it, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be right around the corner.

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How do you feel about summer coming to a close ? Are you sad ? Happy ? Upset ? If you feel any of the emotions above, have no fear ! You can still enjoy summer right before it officially ends (with these five special steps) !

1. Hit The Beach !

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You ever wanted to go to the beach but never found time to do so ? Find a day of the week (clear your schedule if you have to) and head to the beach ! That way you can unwind, relax and even tan. Plus, you get to wear your bikini and show off your awesome summer body !

2. Go On A Roadtrip.

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Can't afford to travel right now ? Going on a roadtrip might be just the perfect way to travel, plus it's way cheaper. Call up a few of your friends and go explore the roads for a day or two, and don't forget to have fun and make awesome memories !

3. Read A Book !

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Spend a day reading a juicy book. Also, if you don't have time to go on a roadtrip right now, reading a book is the next best thing, because reading a book can help enable your creative, imaginative side more.

4. Spend Time With A Loved One.

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Have you been feeling a bit lonely lately ? Spending time with loved ones can help ! Try calling up a friend or two and spend time with them. It could be as simple as going to the beach, getting some ice cream or just having fun at your house. You will be in for a treat !

5. Go On An Adventure !

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Feeling adventurous ? If so, then that's cool. Try going on a hike with a friend (or yourself, doesn't matter) with no destination and try to make enjoyable memories ! Not only will you be occupied, but you will feel a little more calm and relaxed afterwards.

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'Nuff said.

I hope these tips helped you in any way. Remember, summer doesn't officially end until September 22nd (unless you have to go to school bc same), so you have plenty of time to enjoy the final days of summer. With that being said, Neicy out !

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