Hey guys!

I am here again and I'm really happy you are reading this!
I'm starting school next week and I wanted to write a back to school article... SOOOO here you have:

notebook, school, and rose gold image

I'm about starting school soon so it's time for SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!😂✏️
Here you have my "essential" supplies:

  • Agenda. An agenda is an essential to keep your organization, and if you decorate it with colors and stickers it will increase your motivation!
  • Pencil case (with pens, pencils and all the stuff inside). Don't forget it in your house, you need it to take notes, writing, doing exams, practically EVERYTHING. I'm pretty sure you don't want to borrow a bitten pencil!!
  • Markers. If you mark your notes with different colors it'll be more easy to memorize them.
  • Folder. You need one if you don't want chaos in you bag!
  • Notebooks. If tey are cute you'll be more motivated to take notes!!
  • Earphones. If a teacher hadn't come today I guess you'd like to listen to music to make that hour shorter.🎧
  • Phone charger. Imagine that you've forgotten a very important project and you have to call your parents to bring it to school, but... oops! You don't have battery!
  • Little bag. To keep things like girl stuff or whatever you need.
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I really hope you've liked my new article! And if you did don't forget to follow me. I'll be posting more soon!!