Hello Loves, it’s time for another Inside the Nation blog! Today I thought we’d talk about how my fellow Queens of Horror reminds me so much of my Vamperial queens. When I picked which queens I would write about for the Vamperial it was because of who they were in history, not how they reminded me of my fellow Red Ink authors. As I started developing the queens, I was amazed how much each of them reminded me of the ladies I work so closely with. I will break them down individually so you guys can see what I mean.
Let’s start with Queen Candace. She is an extremely strong little queen with deep empathetic powers. She has the ability to come into a room and make you stop what you are doing just to pay attention to her. Candace is a natural strategist and although she is one of the sweetest women you will ever meet, there is a dark side to her, a side that should be feared. Everyone that meets her, loves her but knows that she has something menacing dwelling within her. The more I developed Candace, the more she reminded me of Omega. Omega has the ability to command a room as soon as she enters it. Although she is the smallest of our merry band, she comes up with the most horrific plot twists. Her characters are amazingly diabolical and by far, the scariest ones I’ve ever read. Both Candace and Omega are genuinely good women, but they both should be treated with respect or the fangs will come out.

Next on my list is Queen Sheba. Sheba is a very loyal and loving queen. She puts everyone’s needs before her own and the safety and comfort of her people are what drives her. Sheba loves knowledge, she absorbs any and everything you put in front of her. If her mind is not constantly stimulated she is a dangerous person. Although she is loving and compassionate, if you come for one of hers, she’s taking out five of yours. As I was writing Revelation and Sheba’s characteristics shown through more clearly, I saw Jaqueline. These two could be twins! Jaqueline is a charming, warm, insightful woman, but if you cross the ones she loves she will destroy you. She cannot be bored for too long or she will drive herself (and everyone around her) crazy. Not to mention Jaqueline’s thirst for knowledge, she is like a sponge in water. If it is out there to be learned, our Jaqueline will eventually get to it. Both of these Queens are fierce, loving, and protective, but you better not underestimate either one.
Last, but definitely not least, is Queen Nefertiti. While doing research for this queen, I learned rather quickly, that she was a private person. Nefertiti keeps her issues to herself and those very few that she trusts. Although she is loved by all, she has only a select few that she considers her friends. She is strong, alluring, and resilient, but she has a terrible temper. You seldom get a second chance with her. You’ve probably guessed by now, that our Neffi is exactly this way. Behind that beautiful smile and soft voice is a vicious young woman. She will give you the shirt off her back, but once you’ve shown your true colors to her, she will never forget. Both Nefertiti’s are generous, dedicated women, but will cut you off and up if crossed.

I find it both amusing and unsettling how much my Queens of Horror remind me of my Vamperial Queens, considering the Vamperial Queens were real people. I embellished in their day to day lives, yes, but I wrote them and their personalities based on the research I did for each of them. I also wrote most of their books before I started working with my wonderful Red Ink ladies. I found this so interesting and just thought I’d share it with you. Hope you all enjoyed it and as always, I wish you Happy Reading!