Its 9:17 PM and I am trying to fall asleep.
Long story short, I got rid of Instagram a year ago because i didn't have the same body as every other pretty girl who got all the boys, and i decided not to put myself through the torture of seeing everything i wasn't, crying about it every night. But also because their was a period of months when i was grounded from communication through any form, and at a point i got used to the silence and loved the thought of maybe that was how to find myself. I didn't mind being alone for a while. But eventually i got my snapchat back and got my life back and i still knew who i was. A lot of time passed like that. eventually my friends wanted me to get an Instagram and i thought well maybe i can handle it now. Its been about 5 hours and I'm at the state of what i will explain in this article. So like every girl does, i tried to get followers and looked at some of the pretty girls pages to see what people are doing. Their were these gorgeous pictures in fields of flowers and big groups of friends chillin around an old fashioned car. Girls with their cute off the shoulder sweaters dancing around with the wondrous quotes. Most people at my school have anywhere from 1,000 to 5,000 followers. I'm not like anybody.
The fact that when i asked my friend to send me pics to post she said Don't post now, post at night when everybody's on so u get more likes.
Social media i thought was where we could express our selves freely but are any of us? I don't feel like I'm expressing my self at all, i feel trapped by the pretty girls telling me don't take a picture unless you look like this, and the indie girls people wont like you until your pics are this artsy I feel like my soul is trapped, i just wonder if anyone else feels the same.