Hello guys! Today's article is about one of my passions: tattoos. I have a few tattoos myself and plan on getting a lot more.
Not all tattoos have to be meaningful, obviously. One can get a tattoo just for enjoying the art or finding it cute. But many tattoos have a deep meaning and I want to inspire with some of those today.

Feel free to check out and follow my collection dedicated to tattoos

1. "I am mine"

girl, photography, and phrase image

Self love and empowerment is everything. Own yourself and make it permanent.

2. "I've got the world to go"

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Who doesn't want to know the world? To walk every mile? To breathe every air? This tattoo is for the adventurer inside of you.

3. "Never settle for anything less than butterflies"

tattoo, butterfly, and quote image

A valid reminder that's going to stay with you forever.

4. "Remember who you are and what you stand for"

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Because sometimes we forget. Been there.

5. "The sun is always rising in the sky somewhere"

tattoo, sun, and quote image

A message of hope. God knows we need a lot of hope to keep going during these dark times. But what's better to light up the dark than the sun, right?

6. "The earth is my body, my head is in the stars"

tattoo, beach, and ocean image

For those who the sky isn't the limit.

7. "I am because you are"

arm, beautiful, and believe image

I love this one. I've been thinking about getting this tattoo as a tribute to my parents. If you have special people in your life worth getting inked for, this one is a great option.

8. "May I never be complete, may I never be content, may I never be perfect"

tattoo, quotes, and perfect image

A mantra. A great one.

9. "Be here now"

tattoo, here, and quotes image

This one speaks loud to me, since I tend to live in the future. If you do too, or maybe you hold on to the past, this can be a good reminder in times of need.

10. "This skin and bones is a rental"

Lyrics, music, and song image

For the ones who believe that we don't have a soul, we are a soul. We have a body. So how 'bout we decorate it with some awesome tattoos?