Kiss her. Kiss her like you mean it. Kiss her like you care. Take specific time out of your day to pepper her with kisses and show her she is loved. Kiss her on the forehead, kiss her on the neck. Hug her from behind, and press a gentle kiss to her shoulder. Just....

Show her how much you love her. Hold her, treasure her. Take her to watch the stars. Take her to a bookstore. Take her to the movies and watch her instead. Love. Her. Because she might not love herself. Tell her that she's beautiful. Tell her when she's beautiful. Tell her why she's beautiful. Tell her how being with her makes you feel.

Include her in your plans. Plan things for after school. Take road trips during the summer. Sing along to the radio together, and live, for goodness sake. Make these the best days of your life, and make them that way with her. Don't regret this later on. Make sure you're going to be able to look back and say yes. We did that, and we did that together, and I'm so glad I did it with her while I had her.

Introduce her to your friends, trust her and them enough to believe that they'll get along. Go on group outings. Go on double and triple dates to the fair. Go mini golfing as a troupe. Be friends together, because friendships last, and friendships are always worth having.


If you tell her you love her, for the love of God make sure you mean it. Don't break her heart. Don't feel pressured to make declarations of love that you're not ready for. Mistakes like that are the biggest ones you will ever make.