He walked hand in hand with his lover down the street. Afraid of the stares, afraid of the whispers and afraid of his own actions. He loves him, but he shouldn't. Or at least that's what everyone says. He knows it's not true, but when he was younger that's all that he was feed. So even if he is dating a man sometimes he thinks it's still wrong. He just wants to love who he wants to love, but the government and world won't let him. Well until today! As him and his lover walked down the street all he saw was an ocean of flags, rainbow flags. Today is the day that will change history forever and he was part of it. There they stood holding each other tightly in front of the supreme court. They're holding their rainbow flags as high as their arms would let them. All around he sees couples gathering together waiting for the hopeful news. Posters with equality words on them. Women holding women's hands, men holding men's hand. He looked down at his own hand intertwined with his lover that one day soon he can call him his husband. He dreamed of the day that he could finally marry the man he always loved. Today his dream is finally coming true. He looked around and saw happiness and hopefulness was spread across everyone's face waiting for the answer. The government just announced it "same sex marriage is legal in all 50 states". He turned to his lover and kissed him with the best feeling ever in awhile because... love wins.